Living with 80s peach-coloured bathroom walls?
Is your bedroom too glary, or living space too dark?
Builder’s beige not for you?
Been trying to select a shade of blue for five years?
Had enough?!

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Product Description

Online Consult Order

Have up your place assessed by a professional colour consultant – online!

1.Take a photo that includes some of the ceiling and the floor, as well as some wall space.

2. Upload your photo (s) and fill in the online form.

3. Payments via PayPal are accepted at time of upload.

4. Within 48 hours I will email your photo returned to you – with a brand new colour scheme ready to use.

The colours will be painted onto your photo for you to see what your room will look like.

Plus a colour swatch scheme with the names of the paints so you can purchase them from a retailer near you.

Please note this service is available within Australia and internationally so make sure you include your location so I can source paints local to your country.

Feel free to upload more than one photo to explain the space, however only one photo will be worked on and returned to you with the colour makeover.


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