I have always been a visual thinker, drawn to using visual cues to create moods and express stories.

That is why for many years I worked in the film industry, pursuing set design and other supportive roles to help create the director’s vision for their films.

The things that set the tone of a film are the same design elements that can set the tone of your home. Certain colours bring comfort, patterns bring interest, lights cultivate feelings of warmth and safety.

My ability to both visualise and translate what people are trying to achieve, led me to retrain and refocus on design itself. I can see rooms as complete and balanced before they have been built, and I rely on these visualisations to present my clients with harmonious and unique ideas.

This approach also helps me clearly curate and rebalance existing spaces. Sometimes the elements are there, but out of balance. With a selective eye I enjoy bringing harmony to client’s homes by seeing things differently and balancing the old with the new.

Now I have been decorating for over ten years, combining design elements that can bring you a home that reflects your story and the feelings and moods you want to create.

Beautiful locations support gorgeous results, and I am fortunate to work in the Shoalhaven-Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions, where there is no shortage of inspiring colours and palettes from nature to draw upon.

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