South Coast Colour is an Interior Design & Decoration studio based in the beautiful town of Berry. I bring vision and cohesion to projects of all sizes, helping clients build and decorate their homes with confidence.

As a decorator I have a particular passion for colour and I love to weave it into people’s lives. It can be as subtle as selecting harmonious undertones for a neutral palette, or as bold as using strong hues to their full potential.

I am all about layering and balancing a variety of tones and textures to reflect my clients’ lives, travels and comforts.

Interior and exterior paint colours, wallpapers, flooring, tiles, lighting, furniture and décor items are all areas that I can assist you with. For me, the more expressive a home is the more luxe if feels.

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What our clients say about South Coast Colour

There were so many aspects to consider and without Asha's professional help and support we would never have achieved the results - which exceeded our expectations. So many complex issues were simplified by Asha's expertise, culminating in the result we were striving to attain. Thanks Asha!

Janine and Phil Lyons (2023)

Asha is fantastic. She really spent time getting to know us and the kinds of things we like, putting together a home that works as a whole, but with little pockets for each of us. Most of the design is coastal colours and a relaxed vibe, and yet somehow I was able to have quite industrial touches in my office as well, right next to the coastal vibe. We ran into a few issues with suppliers and Asha sorted it all out for us making it easier for us.

Alex Russell (2023)

I engaged Asha to help select fabrics for window dressings and upholstery for new sofas, and it was definitely money well spent. Asha was very thorough in the brief process, listening to my ideas and taking great care to source samples of fabrics from far and wide. The final results of the window treatments were wonderful. Asha was so helpful in narrowing down the choices for both the window and upholstery fabrics. Once I'd decided on the upholstery fabrics, Asha took care of all the arrangements with the furniture company that was making the sofas. Throughout the process, Asha was highly professional, well-organised, and meticulous in her attention to detail. As well as being a genuinely lovely person, she is also a person of great integrity, which she brings to every aspect of her work. I cannot recommend Asha highly enough.

Allison Cameron (2022)

Firstly, Asha is a genuinely lovely person so working with her was a pleasure. Her ideas were always focused on the 'big picture' and maybe pushing the envelope a little bit when needed but often leading to great design outcomes. Her sense of space and colour were key to our renovation and she provided a lot of guidance to achieve the result we were hoping for. Also, renovating during lockdown was difficult because we couldn't physically visit shops or inspect materials and furniture. Asha was a great help in presenting the best options for us to choose from. There were times I felt unsure of decisions I’ve made and needed some hand-holding and she was always there to assure that we were on the right track. I will definitely use Asha's services again for my next project.

Dudy Felipe (2022)

Asha at South Coast Colour was a great resource for our renovations which involved kitchen, living, dining and bedroom spaces. Although we had some clear ideas initially she provided some alternatives which ultimately made the place even more special. She was helpful when it came to colour palette, furniture buying, kitchen cabinetry & splashback, flooring, lighting, architrave and wall paints. She encouraged us to 'branch out' and consider several things that we wouldn't have on our own which we were delighted with. And her guidance meant we didn't pick the 'wrong' treatment for walls & splashback which could have meant a costly re-do! We can highly recommend Asha- she is professional and great at her job, but also fun and a pleasure to have around!

Brenda Davy (2022)

Asha helped me choose fabric to reupholster my sofa. She introduced me to fabrics that were perfect and very different to what I was initially thinking. I love the result. Asha was flexible in looking for solutions to suit my budget and I look forward to asking for her help in future projects.

Lauren Cunio (2021)

Asha was a brilliant help for our renovation project. We were overwhelmed with all the choices we had to make but she listened to our initial thoughts and came back with fantastic and complementary colour choices. They have all transformed the spaces they’ve been used in and created unique and homely spaces for us to live in. Very highly recommend her services!

Georgina Hoyle (2021)

I would definitely recommend Asha from South Coast Colour to anyone considering internal and/or external renovations. Asha's vision and assessment of our home and surroundings was invaluable. Having a colour expert who is able to answer questions, give advice and raise unforeseen considerations is, I think, an essential first step in any renovation. Not only was Asha able to provide us with a number of suggested colour palettes, but she also helped us find a truly excellent painter, and, sourced an innovative paint product that will absorb less heat from the sun (due to us choosing a dark external paint colour). Extremely good value for expert advice. Our expectations have been exceeded and we are over-the-moon with our colour palette.

Katie S (2021)

Initially contracted Asha to assist with the exterior colours of our heritage listed, 1862 weatherboard cottage in the throes of renovation. This was a particularly tricky job as all exterior colour must be approved by council.Asha has also been invaluable in helping choose and order light fittings, tapware, tiles, and interior colour schemes. She has been an angel in taking much of the decision making process load off my shoulders and undertaking much of the running around in the search for the perfect tile or colour.I have learnt so much about colour, pattern and textures, and may have been slightly shoved out of my comfort zone (a good thing!). Asha's passion and enthusiasm for creating homes that flow was well evident. I cannot wait to see the final result. Thanks Asha.

Jodie Sewell (2021)

Asha saved us from the conundrum of which grey to choose for our exterior colour.....and got us across the line with the idea of a red door! Asha's services then continued right throughout our interior design. Asha guided us through colour choices for the walls, colour for our kitchen cabinetry, colour for our bedroom cabinetry, wallpaper for our fireplace, wallpaper for our master bedroom, floor and wall tiles for our bathrooms and laundry and also our timber floors. Asha also worked out quantities required for many of our materials and ordered them for us. Tradies and other guests to our home have all commented on the use of colour throughout and we love our new home - thanks so much Asha.

Megan Brannon (2020)

Our project had stalled as we were trying to get things organised from long distance and were finding it very difficult. Asha had already devised a gorgeous colour scheme to crispen and modernise the exteriors, and as soon as we took her on as the Project Manager things started to move straight away. She organised a team of painters and the job was then done in double quick time. Asha updated us at all milestone points in the project so we knew exactly where it was up to. I cannot speak highly enough of her and would definitely recommend her service.

Ali Goodman (2019)

It was great to work with Asha. She was very collaborative and respectful, taking our lifestyle and our preferences into consideration before coming up with a great range of options. She turned what had originally felt like a formidable task into a fun project.” Thanks!

Jo (2019)

It was fun to work with Asha. I had some ideas of what I wanted and she was of great assistance listening and helping me unfold my concepts. Truthfully some of her colours were braver than I had given myself permission to have. The landing looks fantastic.

John Bonham (2017)