South Coast Colour is an Interior Decoration business based in the beautiful rural town of Berry, servicing the South Coast and Southern Highlands of New South Wales and throughout Australia.

South Coast Colour is also as Sales Point contact in Australia for boutique wallpapers, made-to-order window furnishings and European lighting orders.

As an Interior Decorator I have a particular passion for colour and I love to weave it into people’s lives. It can be as subtle as selecting the most harmonious undertone for a neutral palette, or as expressive as using strong hues to their full potential. Either way I am all about layering and balancing a variety of tones and textures to tell the tale of a  person’s travels, loves and comforts. For me the more expressive a home is the more luxe if feels.

Thus my approach to working with colour is that every client’s home or business is as unique as them.  Colour is the most transformative element of any design and it is my job as a decorator to combine it with other elements to create the interior of your dreams.

If you are hesitant about using colour in your home I encourage you to have a look at my Design Projects page where you will find some examples of my colour and interior decoration work.

About Me provides you with my design philosophy and where I draw inspiration from.

What our clients say about South Coast Colour

The colours that Asha chose for the exterior of my cottage have really made it come to life! I am extremely happy with the end result. She was so easy to work with, very caring and committed. I can’t wait to see what colours Asha suggests for the interior.

Glenda, NSW

South Coast Colour was hired to work on my residential project for several reasons - creativity, professionalism, and understanding client needs. South Coast Colour met the set budget whilst keeping up with the creativity to have a final product that met my difficult demands. Asha worked and communicated efficiently with the owner and contractor via remote site and kept the flow of information in check. That was the first project with the firm. Definitely I recommend their services.

Hisham El Chaar, Texas USA

Initially contracted Asha to assist with the exterior colours of our heritage listed, 1862 weatherboard cottage in the throes of renovation. This was a particularly tricky job as all exterior colour must be approved by council. Asha has also been invaluable in helping choose and order light fittings, tapware, tiles, and interior colour schemes. She has been an angel in taking much of the decision making process load off my shoulders and undertaking much of the running around in the search for the perfect tile or colour. I have learnt so much about colour, pattern and textures, and may have been slightly shoved out of my comfort zone (a good thing!). Asha's passion and enthusiasm for creating homes that flow well is evident. I cannot wait to see the final result. Thanks Asha!

Jodie Sewell

Asha saved us from the conundrum of which grey to choose for our exterior colour...and got us across the line with the idea of a red door! Asha's services then continued right throughout our interior design. Asha guided us through colour choices for the walls, colour for our kitchen cabinetry, colour for our bedroom cabinetry, wallpaper for our fireplace, wallpaper for our master bedroom, floor and wall tiles for our bathrooms and laundry and also our timber floors. Asha also worked out quantities required for many of our materials and ordered them for us. Tradies and other guests to our home have all commented on the use of colour throughout and we love our new home - thanks so much Asha.

Megan Brannon

It was fun to work with Asha. I had some ideas of what I wanted and she was of great assistance listening and helping me unfold my concepts. Truthfully some of her colours were braver than I had given my self permission to have. The landing looks fantastic.

John Bonham

It was great to work with Asha. She was very collaborative and respectful, taking our lifestyle and our preferences into consideration before coming up with a great range of options. She turned what had originally felt like a formidable task into a fun project. Thanks Asha!


Our project had stalled as we were trying to get things organised from long distance and were finding it very difficult. Asha had already devised a gorgeous colour scheme to crispen and modernise the exteriors, and as soon as we took her on as the Project Manager things started to move straight away. She organised a team of painters and the job was then done in double quick time. Asha updated us at all milestone points in the project so we knew exactly where it was up to. I cannot speak highly enough of her and would definitely recommend her service.

Ali Goodman